IDOL’S EYE DIAMOND CZ made of cubic of zircon


The Idol’s Eye diamond is a triangular old mine cut measuring 70. 21 carats and has a slight bluish color.

Where the Idol’s Eye diamond originally came from it’s a mystery. The diamond first appears in recorded history at a Christie’s auction in 1865, the buyer was the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Towards the end of his rule Hamid sensed he was going to be forced out of power and started to move his wealth to a secure location, this included his collection of jewels. However the person responsible for moving the jewels stole them and turned up in Paris.

The diamond was purchased by a Spanish Nobleman who kept them in London. The gemstone remained hidden until after World War II when a Dutch Merchant acquired them and sold it to Harry Winston. He in turn resold the diamond to Frederick G. Bonfils, the founder of the Denver Post who gave it as a gift to his daughter May Bonfils Stanton.

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